On the edge of desert a strange coalition of adventurers has arrived.

In the port town of Memnon a group of adventured has joined forces to secure glory, prove their strength, and save a land being carved away by expanse and progress. Along the way a few other transient souls have joined their cause in the name of progress.

The Party

Alston Furg

Race – Gnome

Class – Bard

Background: Alston Furg is a fiddle playing, boastful, green haired, glory seeking, purveyor of song and story. He came to Memnon seeking adventure and glory, escaping the adventurer saturated Baldur’s Gate for new opportunities in the desert port.


Race – Goliath

Class – Barbarian

Background: Crom hails from the Marching Mountains. He broke tradition, venturing from the hills into the city seeking a worthy adversary.


Race – Drow

Class – Rouge

Background: Mogly hails from the Eastern rift. His curiosity has brought him above ground. He is unpredictable and interested in the history and riches of the world above the dark.


Race – Dwarf

Class – Druid

Background – Also hailing from the Marching Mountains he has reluctantly entered into the urban life seeking assistance for his Druid order. Calling on ancient ties he has found himself in an uneasy alliance with a group of adventurers who dislike him for no other reason then his race.


Race – Goliath

Class – Warden

A wanderer of the earth, he moves from place to place, seeking knowledge and defending nature. He tries to balance his quiet wayward soul with his competitive and aggressive upbringing.

Calimshan Nights

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